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Objective guidance to continue your growth

Your senior leaders are the single most important brand ambassadors for your organization. Help them be the best they can be.

Our clients compliment our ability to provide comprehensive facilitation, training and mentorship. What makes these sessions invaluable to our clients, is our ability to adapt to their specific and unique needs. These sessions include:


When you get the right people in a room, the answers are often found in their grey matter. Our proven methodology asks the right questions, extracts answers, synthesizes responses, and rearticulates key learnings to gain group buy-in and strategic direction. We facilitate board retreats, off-site planning sessions, and brand-building and strategic communications discussions, among others.

Training Programs

Our customized training programs help you hear "yes" more often. We work with sales teams, subject matter experts and executives, helping them gain understanding and agreement from key audiences.

  • Sales Presentation Coaching: Win more business. Close more deals. Equip your team to better prepare for and deliver dynamic presentations that capture attention, engage clients and prospects, and help build your business.

  • Presentation Coaching (solo and team): Our senior leadership team provides real-world presentation consulting and coaching customized for your organization. These sessions give your presenters the skills they need to be more engaging.

  • Media Training: These taped and interactive sessions provide your team with the tools to effectively communicate your talking points and prepare for any interaction with the media.

  • Executive Counsel and Mentorship: The best leaders are lifelong learners. Our executive team helps your leaders with a unique integration of consulting (providing answers,) mentoring (framing the right questions) and coaching (helping improve leadership skills.) Our customized guidance sessions help your key leaders grow.

Executive Consulting In Action

As Intouch Solutions continued to expand, they identified a need to provide sales and presentation coaching to an increasing number of team members. Learn more about how Morningstar Communications developed a series of presentation and sales coaching seminars customized to our client’s needs.

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