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Our experts help you weather the storm

Your brand and reputation are essential for your continued success. Organizations spend years, not to mention immeasurable amounts of emotional and financial capital, establishing their position as respected leaders. Then, in a moment, a crisis can put all of that in jeopardy.

As experts in strategic communications and reputation management, we understand how various stakeholders react in times of crisis. Our crisis communications programs support your operational plan and our team provides 24x7 counsel to help protect your brand when challenges arise.

Scenario Planning: Our proven scenario planning process is designed to help your organization be prepared for when a crisis occurs. We identify and prepare for key scenarios, develop messaging that can be quickly customized, and facilitate training to ensure your spokespeople deliver a confident response.

Change Communications: The world is changing and the pace at which information is consumed is increasing. In the absence of information, change causes fear, uncertainty and doubt. From leadership changes to reductions in staff, Morningstar Communications’ change communications approach drives smooth transitions for all audiences.

Crisis Communications In Action

Any crisis is a sensitive subject, that is why most of our best counsel never sees the light of day. We value and respect our clients’ privacy, which is why you will never see your moment of crisis on our website.


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