Case Study: Taking KCAC Aviation's website to new heights

When KCAC needed to upgrade its web presence, it turned to Morningstar Communications for strategy and content writing. In addition to upgrading the website’s look and feel, the Overland Park-based aircraft dealer and FBO needed to tell its story in a more user-friendly and compelling way. As the organization’s long-term marketing partner, we engaged with KCAC’s internal team to bring its new website to life.


A full-service aviation business and the largest authorized Pilatus sales and service center in the Midwest, KCAC offers customers a wide variety of aviation services with exceptional customer experiences. The dealer needed a website that spoke to all facets of its business, from charter to maintenance to aircraft sales, while driving inbound leads and offering customers educational information to guide them through the buyer’s journey.


Morningstar Communications benchmarked sites from a variety of parallel industries, such as high-end travel, automotive and jewelry sites. We also audited the current KCAC website to determine what content would remain and what content needed to be added. Once content requirements were in place, we crafted content for the entire site, from the homepage to interior product pages, with an eye of readability and SEO.


The new delivers a superior user experience, which now mirrors the exceptional experiences customers have when purchasing an aircraft or working with the team at KCAC. By incorporating more recipient-oriented content for users at every stage of the buyer’s journey the website now serves as a premium sales tool and lead generator for the organization.


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