Case Study: Securing all-star coverage for the MLB All-Star Game

Aramark Sports and Entertainment provides an array of modern solutions for sports facilities, convention centers and entertainment venues across the country. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Aramark turned to Morningstar Communications to gain recognition and sales of its MLB All-Star Game product lineup in Kansas City.


Aramark needed to stand out among other All-Star Game stories. To accomplish this, Morningstar Communications worked on tight deadlines and maneuvered MLB’s press materials approval process. We developed a content strategy centered around three pillars: local media relations, an exclusive preview event and visibility of key Aramark team members.


We executed a targeted, two-month content marketing campaign. The campaign heightened brand visibility for Aramark. It generated excitement for its unique, Kansas City-inspired menu and official gear at the MLB All-Star Game. We hosted an exclusive media preview, secured interviews with key team spokespeople and obtained news coverage through traditional media outreach.


Content marketing created buzz across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our media relations efforts garnered significant media coverage, generating more than 25 media placements in local publications and broadcast stations. Aramark was featured in key publications including, The Kansas City Star, Kansas City Business Journal and The Pitch.


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