Case Study: Refreshing the brand with key messaging

Chicago-based True Value Company is one of the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives with more than 4,500 retail locations. In concert with True Value Corporate Communications, Morningstar Communications reinvigorated True Value’s brand on the heels of a new long-term strategic plan aimed at improving performance.


With new leadership and a fresh, goal-oriented direction, True Value needed to convey it’s not “your grandfather's hardware store.” The modern, DIY-focused, home improvement cooperative sought to communicate new goals, future visioning and a fresh approach to hardware to its associates and vast membership through internal and external communications channels.


Morningstar Communications developed custom messaging and content highlighting the new direction. Through news releases, national television exposure, media interviews and internal messaging across multiple platforms, we informed True Value’s members, associates and the public of the co-op’s new leadership and focus on engagement, growth and efficiency.


Through content creation, tailored messaging and proactive media pitching, the new leadership and strategic plan were well received by all audiences. Change communications were efficiently delivered externally and internally. True Value enjoyed a more than 300 percent increase in positive share of voice over the previous year with increased media coverage.


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