Case Study: Bringing the City of Independence strategic plan to life

The City of Independence partnered with Morningstar Communications to help bring the city’s strategic plan to life through recipient-oriented key messaging and an omnichannel dissemination plan.


With new leadership in place, the City of Independence was ready to launch its strategic plan. The City turned to Morningstar Communications to create external messaging surrounding the strategic plan, develop a high-level marketing strategy for disseminating plan elements to key audiences, and hone the message of the Mayor’s State of the City address.


Morningstar Communications held a messaging session with City leadership to gain a clear understanding of the strategic plan and its benefits to stakeholders. We created a messaging matrix outlining top strategies and tactics for each audience. Using an omnichannel approach, we architected a plan that kept momentum going for the strategic plan throughout its first year.


The City’s strategic plan was well met within the community. Mayor Weir’s State of the City address hit home, illustrating the benefits of the plan and garnering support. The City continues to promote the strategic plan, gaining buy-in and support as it executes on each of the plan’s strategies.


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