Case Study: Intouch Solutions

As Intouch Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, continued to expand, they identified a need to provide sales and presentation coaching to an increasing number of team members. Morningstar Communications developed a series of presentation and sales coaching seminars customized to their needs.


With a focus on building relationships with current clients and cultivating new opportunities, Intouch Solutions found it needed to provide their associates with refined presentation training. With the goal to boost the confidence of presenters and effectiveness of presentations, Intouch identified select associates to participate in advanced training.


Led by Eric Morgenstern, Morningstar Communications held a series of interactive presentation coaching sessions. He provided guidance on delivering more engaging and persuasive presentations, including insights on how to identify and communicate excellence – not difference – to the audience. They also covered detailed guidance on boosting the speaker’s confidence, improving visual aids for today’s viewers and taking team presentations to the next level.


Following these sessions, Intouch associates have shown increased confidence when presenting to new and existing clients, leading to new business for the company and additional client cultivation opportunities. The firm continues to send its leaders to Morningstar Communications for presentation training because it gains so much value from this initiative.


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