Case Study: Helping KCADC achieve its best year ever

The Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) represents the economic interests of the entire two-state, 18-county Greater Kansas City region. For nearly 40 years, KCADC has worked to attract new businesses and jobs to the Kansas City area. KCADC brands the region as one “product” to enhance perceptions and stimulate economic growth.


Focused on attracting new business and talent to the area, KCADC dedicated the majority of its marketing and communications efforts at the national level. Strengthening its position as a unifying leader to gain additional investors and supporters in the competitive landscape was essential. KCADC needed to expand its reach to key influencers in KC and outlying communities.


Morningstar Communications created a three-pronged approach centered on thought leadership. The approach focused on blog content, local press and merchandising to target audiences. We orchestrated content around monthly themes and utilized topics across all channels. In doing so, we created synergies to reach influencers in the ways that mattered most to them.


KCADC experienced its best year ever in job attraction, recognition and coverage. The organization gained a surplus of local recognition for its work in elevating the visibility of KC and attracting businesses. Multiple news stories in the Kansas City Business Journal and Kansas City Star enhanced local perceptions of KCADC and highlighted the ongoing need for the Council.


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