Case Study: Generating buzz for grand opening of Dave & Buster’s in Overland Park

A well-known restaurant and entertainment venue with nearly 100 locations across the nation, Dave & Buster’s reached out to Morningstar Communications to maximize buzz and build awareness among its target audience for the grand opening of its Overland Park location.


Dave & Buster’s needed help creating excitement about its new location with its target audience of 21-34 year olds. The company also needed to generate media interest and coverage to build awareness of the new location, with a long-term goal of developing a loyal group of customers following the VIP grand opening event.


Morningstar Communications conducted extensive local and regional media relations efforts to drive awareness of the new location. We also identified and contacted local organizations and groups to fill the pre-grand opening VIP event with Dave & Buster’s target audience.


The media relations efforts resulted in several placements in print and broadcast media, including feature articles and a multi-segment TV interview. Morningstar Communications filled the pre-grand opening event with 1,000 registered attendees, most of whom fell within the desired audience demographic profile. The event led to ongoing business for Dave & Buster’s.


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