Case Study: Creating engaging web content

An envelope manufacturing and packaging solutions leader, Tension turned to Morningstar Communications for help rebranding. To reflect its expanding presence in packaging and automation, and internationally, the company rebranded to Tension Corporation with three divisions: Envelope, Packaging & Automation, and International.


After rebranding, Tension aligned marketing with its divisions. Redesigning outdated websites bubbled up as a focus. Marketing needed to create separate websites for Packaging & Automation, Envelope and Corporate with a similar look and feel, but distinct content. Each site had to speak to the customer and their needs in the consideration phase of the sales funnel.


Tension gathered an all-star team to build this family of sites. Morningstar Communications collaborated with Tension to develop web content. Using best practices and feedback from audience interviews, we created recipient-oriented, scannable content written with SEO in mind. We also interviewed Tension customers for testimonial quotes showcasing the company's strengths.


Thanks to the revamped, and, the Tension marketing team receives daily requests for information from the sites. With the new sites up and running Tension continually adds new content to keep the sites fresh and uses analytics to monitor performance.


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