Case Study: Collaborating to create a winning convention

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) affects millions of adults and children, and the PKD Foundation leads the fight against the disease. Upon resurrecting its biannual convention as a key event, the PKD Foundation engaged Morningstar Communications to create an engaging theme, increase event awareness and spur registration.


A prolonged disease, PKD patients fall within a range of stages. From newly diagnosed to post-transplant recipients, each person requires individualized content and messaging. The Foundation needed to appeal to the full spectrum of PKD patients, and motivate them and their families to attend the Convention.


Using an omnichannel approach, we worked with the Foundation to create recipient-oriented communications. Patients received segmented emails based on their PKD stage and geographic location. Postcards, mailed brochures and an article in Progress magazine offered additional touch points. We also created event scripts, which maximized our theme of “Better Together.”


The Convention succeeded in energizing the PKD community and demonstrating that we’re all better together. The Foundation met its registration goals, and anecdotal comments highlighted attendees’ delight with the education seminars and overall Convention. In addition, media placements provided added awareness.


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